Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Life Is Always Changing

I have decided to make this blog for my family and friends to stay connected in my life. I may not update every day, but I will try my best. I miss all those long nights sitting around at Grandmother and Papa's dining table joking and listening to old stories. I miss playing with new toys and naming each and every one of my stuffed animals. I miss the quality family time, that was so important.  I feel like we have all distanced our selves from each other and its so sad. I feel like it is much easier to get on the internet and read a little than to call and talk, especially those with children; which brings me to my next point.

Shawn and I have become very serious in our relationship and there is no doubt he is my rock, soul mate, better half, and best friend. I'm going to make this story a long/short story. Shawn has a beautiful baby girl from a previous relationship. She is two years old and her name is Emma. Shawn has recently gotten custody of her and so his world and my world have changed DRAMATICALLY, seeing that we live together now. I am now a stay at home mom-for the time being (I am getting in school as soon as I can to finish nursing school). Emma has given a whole new meaning to life and I can't imagine a single day to go by without her. 

Another huge change is that Shawn's dad has helped me and signed me up for tri-athlon training. VERY sadly, I haven't been giving me 150%, but since I got a bunch of AWESOME work-out gear for Christmas I am definitely taking it seriously! I have to get healthy so I can keep up with Emma (two year olds are pretty fast paced) and be a cute soccer mom HAHA! But I also am really taking it seriously because I need to start doing something for myself. I do a lot for others (which I love) but I need to respect myself and do something for ME! Hopefully, everyone that reads my blog (family) will keep up with me and keep me accountable and have positive support, cause every one knows it is much easier to be lazy. 

I am trying to learn to be a housewife, and let me tell you its not freaking easy. Cleaning, cooking, running errands, taking care of bills, and everything else with it is much different than going to college, eating if I want, and cleaning one room. So I may post a couple recipes and stuff that my family likes and of course it will be HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY. I am a Pinterest addict and so I'll post crafts, decorating, and maybe some outfits too! 

So that is a little of what is going on in my life right now fam. If there are any questions about anything - I know there will be - call me! I miss y'all a ton! But with that being sad, I will only take positive comments. The life I have chosen was one that I thought and prayed about for a long time and I am confident in my decision. 

I love you xoxo
(to my family)

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